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July 22, 2012
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To end the Batman trilogy, director Christopher Nolan created a masterpiece when he produced “The Dark Knight Rises”. The movie was the third installment in this epic series that starred many popular actors and actresses such as Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, and Anne Hathaway. This movie was a brilliant blend of both heroics and darkness as the storyline progressed.

As the movie begins, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) begins to realize that locking himself inside his mansion does not do himself or the city of Gotham any good. A villain by the name of Bane (Tom Hardy) has brought forth his henchmen as they begin to terrorize the city of Gotham and this leads Batman to return to his tormented city.

Billionaire Bruce Wayne is secretly Batman and as Bane continues to destroy his city he comes back to fight even though he is clearly past his crime fighting days. This adds to the darkness of the movie because throughout the story, Batman is continuously defeated by his foe. Although things look poor for the masked vigilante, Batman continues to fight through both physical and mental obstacles.

The story takes a turn for the best when Bruce Wayne finds himself as a man and returns once more to stop Bane. With the help of Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), Batman takes down Bane and his army of well-trained henchmen. However, in order to stop the nuclear bomb that is about to explode, Batman flies out to the middle of the ocean with the weapon and dies as a martyr.

Only until the very last scene do viewers realize that although Batman has retired forever, Bruce Wayne still lives, even though the city of Gotham has been led to believe he has died. Overall this was a genius production and with both a fantastic plot and mind-bending ending, the end to the Batman trilogy was a great one.

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