The Amazing Spiderman

July 18, 2012
Today I went to the movies with my friends thinking "Spider-man?3 girls going to see a Spider-man movie?". Wanting to hang out with them anyway I said yes. I think the movie is a lovely Action/drama film.It's complete with romance,science,and a lot of action.It had a really good cast consisting of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.The main summary goes like this: It starts out a normal teenager helping his Uncle out with a flood in the cellar.He finds his late father's briefcase and goes to a scientific building where he strays from the intern group and gets bitten by a spider.He comes home late and gets in a fight with his Uncle and runs out. Meanwhile he tries to get milk from a store and a robber robs it. The uncle attempted to stop the robber but the robber shot him and ran. Throughout the movie Peter Parker Aka Spider-man attempts to find the man that shot his uncle. Meanwhile the police are searching for Spider-man when a bigger issue pops up. Overall I give the movie 4 stars.

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