Men in Black 3

June 12, 2012
By TheWritingArtist PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
TheWritingArtist PLATINUM, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I recently went to the movies and saw Men in Black 3 (MIB3 for short). My date may have been a snooze, but the movie sure wasn’t! It starts off pretty intense. Boris the Animal – a creepy alien from an extinct planet – was put in a jail on Mars to keep him away from Earth. That way he wouldn’t completely demolish our planet. Unfortunately Boris uses some special tactics to break out of the supposedly inescapable prison. On the other hand you have the Men in Black agents J and K. Agent J and agent K have been partners for years! K has always been a grouchy old man, while J is a jokester who loves to tease K. They make for a very…special match. So when they get several calls about alien interactions and evidence leads to Boris at every location, they realize he’s on the loose again. But this time his agenda is different. Boris is going to go back in time to kill K for putting him in prison. So J finds out and goes back in time too to save K. He goes back to when K had just been working for a couple years as an agent. J finds him and notices how happy K is. How strange. But K doesn’t believe J’s lies. He knows that J knows something. That’s why he decides to put J in a tube to make sure he forgets everything he ever heard or saw. But then K realizes that J is real. He’s a Man in Black from the future. He may actually be helpful. So they set off to find Boris and kill him before he kills K. Lots of things occur – both good and bad – but Boris (from back in time) dies. Then it’s just J and K against future Boris. It’s a happy ending that made me cry. It’s both touching and heroic and you’re sure to feel touched by the end of the movie! Overall it’s an enjoyable, funny, action-packed movie that you have to see!

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