June 13, 2012
By IBWillie BRONZE, Sacramento, California
IBWillie BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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The attempt to get a country to reconciliate and forget its checkered past. One man with a thought to get the country together through a sport called rugby. An academy award nominee in 2009. An ironic movie that goes through many interesting twists and turns. It is a very good movie for anyone who likes politics and sports with a little bit of everything in between.

The 84 year old president of Africa, Nelson Mandela (played my Morgan Freeman) is trying to get the country too reconciliate. But as he is doing so he sees that a rugby team isn’t getting much hype since they are not that good. So Mandela invites the captain of the rugby team, Francis (played by Mat Damon) for a tea meeting for him and Francis to talk. During that time Mandela and Francis talk about life and Mandela trying to inspire Francis to win the games up to the world cup. During that time Francis tries to inspire his team through many fazes of showing them the townships to going to Robben Island. The movie is very emotional and shows the way a person could have a change of heart through everything.

The movie has some ups and downs. But right when you think nothing is going to happen…Bam! Right there in your face unexpected turns to the worse or to the best. Mandela is constantly going through many hard times. It is a great hard movie to stomach at times, but it is a great movie with amazing colors and worthy emotion to win an academy award. The movie is just a back and forth battle between the way whites and blacks see each other as humans.

In the end Mandela’s final face expression keeps you wondering is it the end? Or is it the start of a new generation. The movie will keep you watching it over and over. It is a true one of a kind movie.

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