June 5, 2012
By DeadNotSleeping42 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
DeadNotSleeping42 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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The Internet, 2000, 113 min, free if you pirate it
Christopher Nolan

Leonard Shelby’s wife has been killed. He already killed the man who did it, but he is convinced there was a second man. Memento is all about Leonard trying to find the second man and his justifications for doing so. But there’s a catch for Leonard’s journey, he can’t make new memories. Leonard tries to beat this by tattooing important information on his body and taking photographs of people and places. Christopher Nolan does a brilliant job showing the Ingenuity of the plot to the viewer and makes amazing, deep plot lines that will make not want to stop.

The movie takes place in a small town where Leonard believes his wife’s murderer, John G, is currently hiding. Leonard first got his anterograde amnesia, the thing that prevents him from developing new memories, on the day his wife died. When he found his wife dead, he quickly shot the hooded man who did it, but Leonard was clubbed from behind and broke a window with his head. He has had his disability since then and has learned to deal with it over time through notes and pictures.

I found Memento to not only be my favorite Christopher Nolan film, but my favorite film period. Christopher Nolan masterfully creates a story with intrigue, compelling plot, and deep characters. This movie takes all of the brilliance behind Inception, and leaves the silly one-liners and DiCaprio stares. The story is told in such a way that you’ll have to watch it a second time to enjoy all of the brilliant writing. I can’t even begin to describe about how I feel towards the ending.

All in all, I found the movie amazing. It was well worth the time to watch. The story is unlike anything I’ve seen and I still watch it again and again. If you liked Inception, then you’ll die for this movie. If you have Netflix, then go home and watch it on Instant view as soon as possible.

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