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June 4, 2012
By Rowean SILVER, Scarborough, Other
Rowean SILVER, Scarborough, Other
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Even by the title most would think this as one of those seriously cheesy romance stories, then you add in Robert Pattison and it's a done deal but not things are as they seem....

I have to admit I hated this movie think I hated they notebook but please, before you take out the pitchforks just read because you will understand.

There are a lot of the classic romance plots woven into this one dramtic story but this doesn't make it a bad story actually I would it had the perfect amount of yelling, kissing and whatever else a love story should have.

This movie starts out with a mother and child on a subway platform, two sketchy young men staring at them and from that you know something bad is going to happen. The mother ends up dead and that's when you find out she's the wife of a higher rank of police. This leads to an over protective single father raising this adorable little girl. At this point I was thinking, ok so that's sad but it happenes a lot I mean it's New York city...

Next plot line is the lost boy who had one of his brothers commit suicide and a father who is too busy with his work to take care of this art prodigy daughter he has. This leads to a angry, too-old-for-his-age man who write to his dead brother because he needs some one to talk to.

Time passes and surprise, surpirse, these too poeple meet changing eachother's lives and the lives of their loved ones. They go through rough patches, girl leaves her dad, boy flips out on.... well everyone but in the end everyone is happy, too happy. I was hoping it was the end but at the same piont wishing it wasn't. Sappy stories are terrible and so overdone.

During watching this I just had this bad feeling like something was going to go terribly wrong like the boy would commit suicide or something like that but no at the "end" we see his happy little sister sitting in her classroom no longer being bullied.

That's not the end unfortunately in that classroom you see the date the teacher has written on board... september 11 2001. Oh NO guess where the boy is right now? Waiting for his day at his work, it flashes to him standing in the window as the camera zooms out... Yes he's in the world trade center.

This is where everything goes wrong you see the mother running out of her house into the crowd in shock. The sister walking out of her school in the verge of tears and his father crying. This is where I started sobbing angrily at this movie even though you see who they recover and the last line is this. "It is said that whatever you do it will be insignifficant but it's still important you do it." You see the book he wrote to his brother in among ashes and then it's over.

So the story it wondferful but really... REALLY? I was freaking out at the end, it was terrible. i hate movies that rip your heart out and show the world I'm really human.

Overall though it was a beautiful story that is real to life and gives an twist that punches you in the gut.

I recemend watching this movie even though I've spoiled it for you but still, watch, please.

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This review does have spoilers so please beware

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