The Avengers

May 28, 2012
By Ben Steffen BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
Ben Steffen BRONZE, Park Ridge, Illinois
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I, with the rest of America, went to see The Avengers opening weekend. The line that snaked through the lobby made it look like the rest of America was really there with me. How could you not see this movie? It has more super heroes than empty seats at the show. It is bursting at the seams with action. Prior to seeing The Avengers, I simply had to watch all of the superheroes’ separate movies as well. I spent every weekend leading up to the big event watching and re-watching the movies. Every small allusion or lead-in to The Avengers at the end would make me more and more excited. It did not disappoint. It started with Samuel Jackson, a.k.a Nick Fury, at a government base where the “cube of unimaginable power” is being guarded. Samuel Jackson’s only apparent superpower is being a total badass. You guessed it: Loki, the evil twin of Thor, steals the cube. In an action-packed getaway he escapes with the cube. The middle part of the movie is equally entertaining. The all-star team of super heroes fails to bond while they must plan to stop Loki and his destroy-the-world plan. After a series of events, the team finally unites to take down Loki and his army of alien things once and for all. Loki has opened an alien portal above Manhattan. The team goes there to find endless aliens zipping around on flying objects and one large, floating, wormlike creature. After a lot of alien killing, Iron man must throw a rogue nuke into the portal, putting his life on the line. Yes, he lives. Afterwards they leave the wreckage and go their separate ways. I feel a sequel emerging.

The author's comments:
Seeing the movie The Avengers inspired me to write this piece.

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