The Vow

May 29, 2012
By ellenk BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
ellenk BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Many romantic movies have such a predictable ending but they get
watched anyway. The Vow is one of them. The Vow is a romantic movie that
has great characters and a decent plot, but the ending was bad, like every
love movie.

There weren’t many characters in the movie. The main characters were
a boy, Leo, (Channing Tatum), and a girl, Paige, (Rachel McAdams). Then
there’s always the ex boyfriend or girlfriend that nobody likes. In this
case, it’s Paiges’ ex boyfriend. Plus, there were a few other characters
here and there but they didn’t play a huge part in the movie. Leo and Paige
played their role very well! They were a couple that people want to stay
together and never break up. They acted so in love, until one day, it all
gets ruined...

What I liked about the plot is it had a little twist in it to add
more excitement to the movie. The couple didn’t just break up and somehow
find their way back to each other. They get into a horrible accident.
Paige, the main character, ends up with brain damage and she looses her
memory. When Leo finds this out, he is devastated. She doesn’t even
remember her own fiancé. He tries to tell her that they are engaged but she
doesn’t believe him. He even shows her pictures the two of them. Paige sees
her wedding ring on her finger, and she goes to their house but she doesn’t
have any memory of any of it. They had this place that they would go to a
lot just the two of them. It was a restaurant. He takes her back there and
they have a good time but she doesn’t remember any of the memories they had
there. Leo’s goal is to make her fall in love with him again. Throughout
the movie he works on her to fall in love with him again. None of the love
is the same like it was before. There are a few complications down the
road. She gets back together with her ex boyfriend for awhile. He is a jerk
and doesn’t treat her right at all. He makes some smart comment to Leo and
Leo can’t take it anymore so he punches him in the face. Throughout the
movie I wanted them to get back together and I wanted her to remember
things so she will get back together with Leo. But it doesn’t exactly
happen the way you think it will.

So towards the end they officially break up. They were together off
and on but he can’t seem to get it right. Leo tries his best to just replay
how he did it before by making them fall in love. The love just isn’t there
anymore. It was a few years after the accident, and it was the last scene.
They’re walking down the street, not together. They pass each other and
they meet in front of the restaurant they used to always go to. They then
hooked arms and walked down the street.

When I was watching the movie I was surprised. I thought they might’ve
ended up back together somehow but I didn’t think it would end like that. I
was very disappointed. I think that if they would’ve had the ending a
little better it would’ve gotten better reviews.

The theme of this movie was to never give up on something that is
loved by an individual. If you try your best, people will end up happy in
the end. I was pleased with the characters and the plot but as you probably
noticed, I didn’t enjoy the ending. I think romantic movies should make
them a little bit different especially with the endings. They would get
much better reviews and reactions.

The author's comments:
I wasn't very happy with this movie.

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