May 23, 2012
By SammiD SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
SammiD SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Classy, reveling, but talented are three simple words that describe the 2010 golden globe winning movie Burlesque . Finding the right actors , making the movie , and revenue are just a couple of things i payed a lot of attention on and made me choose to review this movie .

Finding the right actors , personally i love Christina Aguilar as the main actress i feel she really committed herself to her part with the singing and dancing . They did a very good job on picking Cher as Tess she really played the motherly figure very well and kept you on your toes . A huge part of the movie was dancing , it was the majority of the film . They amazed me on the wonderful danCher they had picked , they always kept me watching and i didn't want to miss ya second of the musical number .

Making the movie . The movie was introduced or shown on previews in August 2010 the movie didn't come out until November 24, 2010. Critique say “it was filled with amazing choreography and kept their eyes open .” It took 12-16 months to film this movie the stars and directors went deep into the history of burlesque dancing .

Revenue , according to TheGrapeJuice.net Berlesque made $2.8 million the first day it was released and after the holiday weekend it made $17.8 million . It took the studio $50 million dollars to produce this movie but it was well worth it .

“A small-town girl ventures to Los Angeles and finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former danCher” - IMDb . After finding the right actor , training for their part and more they did a splendid job. There was ups and there was downs but overall it was a good $50 million spent . i highly encourage to watch this is brought thrills through my body . It takes a legend to make a star is a great way to pronounce this movie .

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