May 23, 2012
By Ashly15 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Ashly15 GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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“There used to be horses in that barn, well at least thats what my Papa said.” Dreamer is an uplifting movie engaging us in dreams, second chances, and the importance of family. This movie is one of my all time favorites which also includes many life lessons too. During this movie Cale, played by Dakota Fanning, learns about horses getting hurt, the healing process and the overall meaning of friendship.

It all started in Lexington, Kentucky on what seemed like just another day. All cale wanted to do was go to work with her dad, to learn what he does on an everyday basis so she could follow after him. Cales dad works at a horse track and during the Breeders Cup, number five, Sonador, suddenly broke her leg. Cales dad Ben, played by Kurt Russell, was told that Sonador would never walk again. Ben's boss, which coincidentally owed Ben $9,000, told Ben that he was going to have to put Sonador to sleep. Ben thought this horse was more than only $9,000 and so he told his boss he would pay him $6,000 and then would take the half-dying horse. Now all Ben had to do was heal this wonderful horse back to recovery.

Ben has always said to Cale “There will never be a horse in my barn for the rest of your life.” So when Ben agrees to try to nurse this horse back to life, both Cale and her mother are shocked. As if that isn’t enough of a shocker, soon Sonador (Sonja for short) starts to walk again. Then, as if it is all that is left to do, Ben decides to bread Sonja. While doing so they encounter one big problem that would change everything that follows. Now that Sonador is starting to get stronger, her and Cale have started an amazing friendship.

Ever since the beginning Sonja and Cale have had a special sort of bond. Each night before Cale goes to bed she runs downstairs, grabs a popsicle and sprints out to Sonador. Every night following, Sonador and Cale split a popsicle. All Cale thinks about is Sonador and how amazing she truly is. About how she was never supposed to walk again.

Cale learned about Sonja getting hurt, how they would heal her and the true meaning of friendship. This movie not only has changed how I admire second chances but also about dreams. Cale always had a dream and finally got her wish. In my opinion Dreamer teaches a life long lesson for all ages. She learned that friendships do not always have to involve only humans. Usually I do not like horse movies but this one is definitely an exception and it will always be one of my favorites. I would recommend it to any age and any gender. Based on a true story, join Cale and the rest of the crew on Sonadores wonderful journey.

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