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May 23, 2012
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Squirt, Dory, Scar, Crush, Bruce, Mr. Bubbles, Fin, Sheldon and of course… Nemo. These are all characters of the best movie of its time. Finding Nemo is and still is one of the best movies in the country. Being underwater with the exotic sea creatures and beautiful water add excitement and interest to this movie!

Nemo is a small clownfish with one tiny fin. When Nemo was an egg his mom and his brothers and sisters were all killed by the same shark. Luckily Nemos’ egg was knocked off a cliff and only got a little scratch; that is why he was a small fin.

Nemos’ first day of school was very stressful. He was dared to swim all the way out into the middle of the ocean to touch a mysterious object. He took the dare and swam away. While out there a human jumped into the water and abducted Nemo. Sheldon, Nemos’ dad, witnesses it all and now gas to go on the longest hunt of his life to find his one and only child.

On this hunt Sheldon meets a fish named Dory, two turtles named Squirt and Crush, and a shark named Bruce. Sheldon is devoted to finding Nemo. He lives through being in a whales’ mouth, getting stung by several jellyfish, underwater bombs and many hungry sharks.

Sheldon and Dory find goggles that say, P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way. They swim all the way across the ocean to find Nemo. They will never give up until they find him. When they do will it be too late?

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