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May 23, 2012
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The movie Disturbia is one of my favorite mystery & suspense movie of all times. The movie may remind some of us, of a Alfred Hitchcock Classic film called the Rear Window(1954), with the whole set of spying on a neighbor and assuming he could be a murderer. “ The quieter the street, the darker the secrets. Even killers live next door to someone,” a statement from the movie.

The main character, Kale (Shia LaBeouf), is an average teen. Until the sudden death of his father that he blames himself for causing the accident and killing his father. Kale was doing fine through school until one day hid insensitive spanish teacher brings Kale’s dad into their conversion. Kale couldn’t take it anymore a punches the teacher in the face. So he ends up under court ordered house arrest for three months. Kale had almost everything an average teen would want to do spending the days endlessly playing video games, eating junk food, surfing the net, and watching cable. Not anymore, his mom cancels his iTunes, Internet, and even cut the cord off his TV and cable.

So while he was under house arrest he spent some time having his only little stake out on the new neighbor who moved in next door, her name is ashley(Sarah Roemee). Ronnie (Aaron Yoo), Kale’s best friend was over and Ashley caught them watching her. So she comes over cause she was locked out of her house and needed to wait until her parents came home. She introduces herself to them and they become friends. But as they spied, Kale made a Twinkie tower, and as Ronnie said on the movie,” Oh my god, you’ve made the Tower of Twinkle! Is that in a stalkers handbook somewhere?”

Started out as a stakeout party, but what started out, as a game will soon turn seriously deadly. But once it starts there is no caking out. A quote from the movie said by Ashley, “Where are the coffee and doughnuts? You can't have a stakeout with out coffee and doughnuts.” But it all begins when Kale was doing the stakeout by himself but not on the neighbor they were watching. He was actually watching the new neighbor Ashley, when she moved in. The three teens used some secondhand surveillance equipment to spy on their neighbors. the neighbor Mr. Turner ( David Morse) keeps coming and going from his house. When he would leave it would just be him in the car with him, but when he would come back there would be a young girl, most likely a club girl in the car with him. The girls were never seem coming out of the house so they won’t see the sunlight again.

But when the three teens discover what Mr.Turner is hiding, will they risk their lives, to uncover the truth. Who is going to believe them that Mr. Turner might be a possible serial killer? It could just be their active imaginations or have they really stumbled upon that might actually cost them their lives? After all even serial killers have to live next door to someone. Who knows whom your neighbor is.

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