May 23, 2012
By BaseballFreak GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
BaseballFreak GOLD, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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The Oakland Athletics have never had a payroll over eighty million dollars. When they had their highest payroll for a year they still were in the bottom half in the MLB for payroll out of thirty teams. In the movie the economic decisions relate along the lines of the real world economy. It is the first movie based on general managers. Moneyball is a sports movie but, it isn’t limited to being just a sports film.

Economy wise the movie relates well. With this economy people are making sure they get value out of what they are buying. The concept is similar to the “moneyball theory”. They make sure the guys they get have value and the A’s get them for not very much money. Cutting back on things relates just as well because they are trying to keep their budget down. The A’s are the small business trying to compete with the national corporations. The person who is making all of these decisions is the general manager

This is the first movie about a general manager. Most people know that a gm makes trades, signs, releases, scouts, calls up, and sends down players. Fans sometimes wonder why they make the moves they make sometimes. I certainly wonder about some moves. In moneyball it gives the viewer a chance to see why certain moves occur. The gm tries to decide if the move is a good one or not. Occasionally they will make a mistake, but thats is what humans do. Gms are on every sports team in every different league.

The movie is still a sports movie for the avid sports fan. Every team’s goal in sports is to win a championship. The A’s are trying to do this without very much money. There are crazy moves that only the front office can explain but they are looking at the big picture, not just the present. My only complaint from the movie is that they didn’t show the best players on the team in this film. Barry Zito, Tim Hudson, and Miguel Tejada, the best players, were never mentioned.

Like I said before the movie relate to America’s economy right now, making sure the investments have value. It is the first movie about a gm showing some of the moves they make. Moneyball is still a sports movie. It appeals to all sorts of demographics from sports fans to math and business people. The movie truly is a home run.

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