Hunger Games

May 22, 2012
By BrookeQuinn SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
BrookeQuinn SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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The book was a popular subject; everyone had to read it. But how was the movie? ‘’The Hunger Games.’’ The book was pretty well written for the most part but the movie, not so much. The camera angles the dialogue and the plot were the three main things that stood out to me.
The camera angles at some points in the movie were really awkward and the camera would be really shaky. An example is when Katniss would be running through the arena and instead of having a nice smooth view it would be rough and shaky like they were running along with her and the camera was unsupported. Most of the other movies I’ve seen from action to romance have a good steady picture even if it’s an action scene so i was kind of disappointed with the image quality.
Another thing that stuck out to me was the dialogue and the actors. In my opinion they did not have the right actors for the movie. Some scenes their acting was perfect for what was happening but for a lot of other scenes they did not get into their part. Some of the lines they said they had no emotion at all, and they would talk in a monotone voice.
The last thing i noticed that i did not like was the plot. In the book it was a lot more realistic and in the movie the plot was nothing like it was in the book. They could have made a part one and part two of the movie because it was so crammed in. The movie was not nearly as descriptive as the book. Some parts in the movie were completely different then they were in the book and that was disappointing.
Overall the movie was not as good as i thought it would be. The people who didn't read the book but saw the movie thought the movie was good but most of the people i know who have read the book did not like the movie. The three main things were the camera angles, the dialogue and the plot. But there were many more things that could have used improvement.

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