Bully (2012)

May 16, 2012
By Snarky BRONZE, San Diego, California
Snarky BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Well, now that I've finally learned how to use, "quotations," properly I might just become a bit less crappy. I mean, I'll still have nobody read this and for the ones who do read it they'll hate me, but enough about how much I suck lets get into the movie bully N' stuff. So bullying is pretty much harassment and in some cases assault for kids. Anyways this documentary is probably one of the worst I have ever watched for MANY reasons and let me tell you why! First, it's not neutral. Neutrality is very important in documentaries because if you're not neutral then you run a very large risk missing information from the other side, and this film definitely does just that. The film never talks to any bullies to get their side of the story to see why they bully, and this makes the film miss out on a chance to get all of this information: why do bullies bully, do they bully because they're just jerks, do they bully to not get bullied, do they enjoy it, are they troubled, are they just jerks, or is there no reason at all, and do most bullies beat up their victims or do they just call them names or both? This information could have helped us come to a conclusion on how to stop it by possibly giving us background info, also since the film did not give us any of this info we are left to just assume that most bullies mostly assault their victims while occasionally calling you names when in reality most are just gonna call you names and push you every now and then. The second problem here is that it only uses one statistic and that's that 13 million kids get bullied and that's it. This makes it so that anything the film says or tries to convey to lack any credibility, but then again they could not be using statistics because school violence has gone down since the 90s when it reached its peak. Third it suffers from what I like to call the, "documentary effect," in where a person acts kind but if they were off camera they wouldn't have been, especially at the part where the nerd kid asked some people to sign his shirt, lets face it no-one would have been as kind to him if they were off camera or on hidden camera. Fourth it's pulling a sincere card just like that Kony 2012 thing, I don't know if I'm just cynical or what but I honestly think this film isn't sincere and is just trying to cash in on the whole bullying thing just like how people tried to cash in on the anti-drug thing in past years, but remember kony 2012 and how it started a riot in Uganda because the Ugandans thought that this was just a way to invade their country. Fifth it's horribly shot. I swear this must have been filmed by a drunk guy because the camera shakes like crazy, just a complaint but yeah it's a pretty big complaint. Sixth and final, the final, "solution," is a bit unclear. they spent all this time and money to tell us that bullying is bad and than you don't even clearly tell us how to stop it, do we use balloons, get an adult, use compassion, ignore them, fight back, leave school and get home-schooled, Juvenal hall, or something, I don't know it got a bit muddled up and it feels like it's saying compassion but we all know that wouldn't work and getting an adult is a terrible idea because the bullies will probably beat you and say something like if you rat them out again they'll beat you worse. So in the end yes bullying is bad but this film does a terrible job of how bullying starts, why it starts, and how to stop it!

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Both bullying and this movie are bad.

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