Toy Story

May 9, 2012
By smileorlaughxo BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
smileorlaughxo BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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I would doubt for it to be an understatement if anyone in America has never seen the movie Toy Story. Toy Story is the first full- length animated movie ever and was created by Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Studios. Without a doubt in my mind, this would have to be the one movie that comes to mind when thinking of my childhood in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. It represents friendship and fighting for your friends, while providing some hysterical comedic relief. Today, Toy Story is still a very popular hit for children of all ages around the world. Most Americans know who “Buzz Lightyear”, “Woody”, and “Mr. Potatohead” are. Wal-Mart sells the movie in any and all versions from video cassette to Blu-Ray to DVD, ranging in prices from a couple of dollars to around twenty-five dollars. Toy Story would fit into the children/ adventure/ comedy genre and would most likely be one of the most popular movies in each of those genres. The humor and action in it keep both kids and adults interested without fear of someone’s ADD kicking in and being disinterested. The dialogue is simple, yet intriguing, which keeps the audience range wide. “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” by Randy Newman is the popular song from Toy Story. If you have ever seen this movie, you would know the song in a heartbeat. There are no real “actors” in this movie, rather there are voice-overs. The actors that contributed the voice-overs for each character include Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Don Rickles, and John Ratzenberger. The success of Toy Story fueled many of these actors’ careers to strive on for years. A funny and true fact, actually, is that John Ratzenberger has actually starred in all of the Disney-Pixar movies to this very day and it is somewhat of a joke Disney-Pixar plays - to plop him in all of them. Regardless if you have seen the movie or not, Toy Story is a wonderful adventure kids of all ages should embark on to see. It is a noticeable feat of the animation and movie history (It’s also just a plainly great movie).

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