May 8, 2012
By zac currie BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
zac currie BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Idiocracy is a movie of a dystopian society in the distant future. It is a society where people are getting dumber and dumber. The Mike Judge film gives a glimpse of what our world will be like if we do not reform our selves. Many of the things that Mike Judge put into the movie a lot of visuals that can be seen in life today.

Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson) is an Army librarian in present time. He is called from the top to test out a new experiment to freeze in a time preserver for one year. Joe is known for being average in every way, and the army thought it would be safe to test on him, but tragedy strikes when nobody remembered to unfreeze him and he wakes up five hundred years in the future. In the future everyone is stupid and they are living in hard times. They live in a bad economy; the English language has deteriorated into a mix of valley girl, hill Billy, inner city slang, and various grogs; and the only place to find water is in the toilet. It will be up to Joe to save mankind and get back home.

This is a great movie to watch. The reason this movie is so great is that the things that Judge puts into his movies are for the most part actually true. In a way the world is getting dumber, and if you do not get the really deep stuff out of it, then you can still laugh because it is a comedy.

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