"Just Wright"

May 6, 2012
By karkar06 BRONZE, Wyoming, Minnesota
karkar06 BRONZE, Wyoming, Minnesota
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“Just wright” is a romantic comedy that the whole family can watch together (Rated PG). Leslie Wright (Queen Latifa) is a physical trainer and just bought her first house her god sister Morgan alexander (Paula Patton) is living with her, because she lost her job and had everything repossessed. Morgan is out to find an NBA husband and she will settle for nothing less. Scott McKnight (Common) is a star NBA player, he falls for Morgan until he got hurt and she left him. She left Leslie to pick up the pieces.

Queen Letifa and Common had amazing chemistry you could see it pull through on screen. This has been a dream of Letifas for a long time and she jumped on the chance to finally put it in motion. She put a lot of how she felt while growing up into the movie. Director, Sana Hamri did a great job of putting this movie together along with writer Michael Glliot.

This movie is one of my favorites of all time. I have watched it a ton of times and the movie never gets old. It is funny and romantic so it is that chick flick feel but the boys will watch it because of the basketball aspect.

“Just Wright” has the best combination of music, actors/ actresses too. It is does a good job of making it watchable for guys and girls, and even a family. I would recommend that everyone see this perfect movie.

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