May 2, 2012
By asianflannelcouple2 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
asianflannelcouple2 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Run as fast as you can. This movie is spreading its dulling disease around; you might catch it. Contagion explains and explores “fear” which can be just as deadly as an epidemic. And because of fear, this film is able to convey a possible outcome of a world where people forget humility and altruism just as 2012 did.

So Mitch (Matt Damon) is having an extremely bad day. His wife just came back from a trip to spit out foam and roll over dead like a rabid Chihuahua and moments later so does his son. Cough. Actually, it’s not really his son. Mitch is immune and so is his daughter so it’s in the genes, but too bad his wife cheated on him. Whoopsies. Somebody get this guy some sanitizer and a box of tissues. Anyways, the virus spreads and Dr. Erin Mears (Kate Winslet) sets up an investigation; all the while, blogger Alan (Law) claims to have a cure. Unfortunately, people believed that his I-just-mixed-a-bunch-of-stuff-together vaccine worked. Ha. Jokes on you crazies. As desperation increases, so does violence and kidnappings. Eventually, scientists find a cure, evil bloggers get arrested, and Mitch’s daughter gets to go to prom. Whoo. And he finds out the pig/bat virus started with his wife. The end.

Really? That’s it? What a waste of all these pretty stars. I was disappointed in the ending. Guess that’s what I get for being an idiot and hoping for a twist at the end of an untwistable movie; however, I did enjoy all the fear which amused me, and Matt Damon. Oh and amidst this period of selfishness, Dr. Mears (Winslet) still has the will to do good. She’s on her death bed, trying to donate her blanket to a nearby patient. Okay, I get that she wants us to remember her as a protagonist and that she’s one of the few who are still kind and caring, but really? Is that necessary? No more brownie points for you, Winslet. Although you really didn’t earn any in Titanic either, for letting Jack die even though there was room for him on that raft. But all in all, Contagion wasn’t terrible, just somewhat boring. Fear the dullness.

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So here's a movie review for school that was supposed to be submitted in a long time ago. Oopsies.

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