American Reunion

May 2, 2012
By Ryan Blitzer BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
Ryan Blitzer BRONZE, Parkland, Florida
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The American Pie crew is back for...a reunion? On first glance, the movie seems forced, especially because the last theatrical release of American Pie: American Pie: The Wedding was in 2003. All of the cast are back: Jason Biggs (as Jim), Alyson Hannigan (as Michelle - Jim's wife), Seann William Scott (as Stifler), Chris Klein (as Oz), Thomas Ian Nicholas (as Kevin) Eddie Kaye Thomas (as Finch), and Eugene Levy (Jim's dad).

Fortunately, after five years, the sight is refreshing to see. The movie brings tons of laughs, especially through the performances by Stifler and Jim's dad. Each character has a different story to follow and none of the stories overlap, so it is a little confusing to follow at some points during the film. I felt Jim’s plot was slightly unoriginal - he gets married, has a baby, and doesn’t spend enough time with her at home or on vacation. Big whoop.

What do I think of there reunion? I twas an entertaining, hilarious movie that I would recommend to anyone who can stand some of the graphic, but hilarious scenes in the movie. The idea of bringing back all of the characters was smart and is a great revival. Will long-time fans be proud of this movie? I think so, but I feel that people who have not seen the originals should watch them first. An outsider would be completely unfamiliar and confused as to what is happening in the film.

Story: 8/10
Editing: 9/10
Humor: 9/10
Acting: 8/10
Overall: 8.5/10

The author's comments:
Seeing the movie, and the fact that I want to become a movie director, led me to write this review.

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