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April 24, 2012
By brillblonde GOLD, Thornton, Pennsylvania
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It’s no secret that one pair of the most famous friends in history is Woody and Buzz Light-Year from the popular Pixar movie “Toy Story”. In fact it is so popular that it was praised by audiences of all ages. How do two toys attract this broad audience? The secret is through the uplifting power of friendship that appeals to everyone. In the movie "Toy Story" the main characters, Woody and Buzz Light-year, convey the ability to develop new friendships by overcoming obstacles, learning to trust each other, and accepting one another's differences.
At the start of “Toy Story”, Woody is Andy’s favorite toy. Then Andy gets a new toy, the space ranger Buzz Light-Year. A jealous Woody pushes Buzz out the window, but goes back out to save him, which kicks off the friendship. They didn’t get along from the start though. In the film, Woody says to Buzz “Oh, you actually think you're the real Buzz Light-year? And all this time I thought it was an act! Hey, guys, look! It's the real Buzz Light-year!”(Toy Story). After Buzz and Woody fall out the window, they find that it is much harder to get back inside. The new duo team up to find a way back to Andy. By joining forces, these unlikely friends are able to find their way through the city, survive the toy-killer Sid, and make it to Andy before he moves away. They successfully maneuver their way back to their owner; they develop a strong bond that’s lasts until the end, or at least two more movies.
Woody and Buzz are not companions in the start of the movie, but progressively trust each other enough to become pals. Buzz finds it hard to trust Woody, because he believes he is on a different planet and he is an actual space ranger. Woody finds it hard to put his trust in Buzz because the space toy will not admit he is an action figure. By fruitfully prevailing over complications, they make a bond that results in a strong faith in the other. This is seen mostly during the end of the movie, when the two realize the potential of their new friendship. Buzz is stuck in the fence escaping from Sid’s house, but Woody is already out and can easily get into Andy’s car. Nevertheless, he instead turns around to free Buzz, and they take off for the car together. The space ranger says “Get to the van! I’ll catch up!”(Toy Story) . Woody instead frees Buzz, risking himself to miss Andy. Buzz returns the favor when Woody cannot climb onto the moving truck because Sid’s dog is holding his leg. Buzz Light-Year attacks the dog, and frees Woody.
A cowboy of the west and a space ranger, Woody and Buzz are very different. However, throughout the film, the viewer sees that they aren’t too different, and learns to accept the others unique traits. Buzz is a man from space, and Woody a cowboy, but they both share their love and devotion to being there for Andy .They learn that through different perspectives and ideas that they can return to Andy. In the movie, Woody and Buzz have an exchange after Buzz discovers he is not a toy. “Don’t you see? I’m a sham! I can’t even fly out a window” says Buzz. Woody, realizing that they could fly out the window if done correctly replies “Buzz! You’re a genius!” (Toy Story) They successfully free themselves from Sid’s house, emerging with a long-lasting friendship.
Even though they didn’t begin as friends, Woody and Buzz Light-year are inseparable by the end of “Toy Story”. By being triumphant in their quest, accepting each other’s unique ideas and abilities, and trusting that they would be there for each other, this famous duo represent an everlasting thought that friendship can be found anywhere, in anyone.

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