The Hunger Games

April 15, 2012
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Last month, everyone was raving about the movie, The Hunger Games, based on the book by Suzanne Collins. Reading the latest magazines, blogs, and news articles, critics think The Hunger Games is going to be an even bigger phenomenon than the Twilight series. I saw the film the day after it released. In my opinion, it was marvelous! Every detail in the book was included in the movie. From the cannons to the nightlock berries. All of it was there. The actors and actresses in the movie were brilliant! The star, Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss Everdeen, was spot-on on her acting! Her facial expressions were just as I , and possibly many other people, pictured in the book. Let us not forget actor Josh Hutcherson , who plays Peeta Mellark on his acting! His facial expression when he gets injured were great! Basically, in my opinion, The Hunger Games was everything I imagined it would be! Especially the costumes and makeup for the people of the Capital. That was amazing! The editing, makeup, costumes, acting, sets, special effects, and just the atmosphere when you’re watching this movie is astonishing and unreal! I recommend watching this movie whether or not your read the book or didn’t!

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