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April 9, 2012
By csmovieman SILVER, New Market, Maryland
csmovieman SILVER, New Market, Maryland
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Why would someone pay $17 to watch a movie that plays on TNT at least twice a week? It seems that 3D surcharges have grown wearisome for nearly all cinemagoers. Most animated films are in 3D, as well as a multitude of big budget blockbusters. 3D rereleases have become increasingly popular as well (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Titanic, and soon to be Jurassic Park have all been converted to 3D). Titanic 3D is an exception to the rule; it’s an incredible experience.

When a drawing of a woman is found inside the Titanic wreck 84 years after it’s original sinking, an old woman claiming she’s in the picture comes forward to tell her story about what happened on the maiden voyage of the R.M.S Titanic. Young Rose is an adventurous first class girl, who feels emotionally tortured due to her forced engagement to an arrogant snob named Cal. Rose’s father left the family with massive amounts of debt, so, the marriage is needed to fulfill their monetary needs. After a poor artist named Jack saves Rose from committing suicide, romance ensues. Although he is poor, he is a relist with a genuine boyish charm. But, the relationship between the two lovers of juxtaposing backgrounds is not without it’s complications. Rose is faced with Cal’s never-ending attempts to stop the two from being together, pressure from her mother regarding the engagement and their financial troubles, and the sinking of the ship itself.

James Cameron, the 3D advocate of the century, has spent the last year meticulously converting his masterpiece into what looks and feels like a completely different film. Aside from most 3D rereleases, Cameron was fully involved in the post-conversion process, and his passion for the subject and the story is evident. The direction and script are equally top–notch. While many viewers complain that the dialogue is corny, it doesn’t at all detract from the film. In fact, it makes the final result more powerful and thus, heartbreaking. What would Titanic be without “You jump, I Jump.” “I’ll never let go.” and “I’m the king of the world!” ?

Titanic is such a successful film because it has the ability to quickly suck the audience into the story. It’s a 3 hour and 14 minute movie, yet the runtime flies by because the viewers become so immersed in the engaging love story. Both Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet have amazing chemistry onscreen. The romance is so believable, even though it takes place in just over 48 hours. The building of the romance is near perfect. Through each conversation, they become closer and closer. There are so many memorable moments, including the spitting scene, the “I’m flying” scene, and the drawing of the portrait. There are so many more, but those quickly come to mind.

The production design is top notch. Cameron and company actually rebuilt the ship for the film (At the time, Titanic was the most expensive movie ever made). The amount of work put in is so obvious because the little details are incredibly authentic. Everything from the clothing and hairstyles, to the china and utensils used the dining room look like they were genuinely from 1912. There is one scene where Jack and Rose Irish dance below deck with the people of third class. Quickly thereafter, there is a cut to the pompous rich folk discussing politics while drinking brandy. The characterization and the mannerisms exemplified by both groups of people from contrasting environments are vastly different. Cameron does an amazing job at capturing what life was like at all societal levels.

Another monumental success is the music in the film. James Horner’s various melodies are beautifully placed throughout. The utilization of the hummable score is so effective. It’s especially tear inducing during the sinking sequence in the final hour of the film. And who doesn’t adore the vocal goddess Céline Dion and her always memorable “My Heart will Go On” ? (Haters be gone!).

Titanic’s special effects were revolutionary in 1997, and they still hold up today. Aside from a cheap looking sailboat that appears when the Titanic is taking off, the effects are flawless. His action blockbusters Terminator 1 and 2, Aliens, and True Lies revolutionized special effects in various ways, and Titanic is certainly no exception. The sinking sequence is well paced and directed. From the children being tucked in by their mother, to the chaos of putting people in the lifeboats, Cameron knows how to show the true horror of the sinking. The last hour is one gigantic special effects extravaganza, and it’s incredible to behold.

But, is Titanic in IMAX 3D worth the ridiculous price of admission? It certainly is. Throughout the film, there were many memorable 3D moments. The great thing about the 3D is that it adds depth to the film on a visual level, as well as an emotional level. The crystal clear HD picture and sound add to the experience too. When Rose attempts to commit suicide, there is a shot from the sky’s point of view showing Rose holding on to Jack’s hand as she desperately tries to avoid an icy death. The scene feels so real, as if you’re actually holding on for your life right beside Rose. During the sinking of the boat, an audience member jumped in their seat when one of the many passengers dove and splashed into the frigid water. That’s how amazing the 3D is. One final memorable moment is in the end of film, when the camera pans through the ghost ship and it is recreated. You actually see bubbles and little specs floating as the camera soothingly glides through the water. The list of great 3D moments goes on and on.

3D sucks, there’s no denying it, but of course there are always exceptions. For once, the commercials aren’t deceptive; experiencing Titanic in IMAX 3D is truly like viewing the film for the first time. Titanic is a classic, and viewing it again in the theater gives it the treatment it deserves and it ultimately reaches it’s full potential. Even if you feel like you’ve seen it a million times, splurge, spend the money and you will be immensely rewarded. 5/5 Stars

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