Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Part 2

April 3, 2012
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2, based on J.K Rowling’s best-selling series, will make you cringe, laugh, cry and cheer, all in about 2 hours. If you have seen the other record setting movies, you would know that the jolly, light-hearted feel of the young witches and wizards has been long replaced with fear and despair, and the movie excellently reflects that. The final movie, ending an era of magic and love, ties up all loose ends and leaves you with a feeling of warmth that only the trio of friends we grew to love could provoke.
When the wizarding world crumbles and Voldemort sweeps up the crumbs, the ones who object to his ruling hide or bite their tongues, but when Harry Potter returns for one last class, a rebellion sets in. Hogwarts becomes the scene of a battle, leaving men, women, and children dead. Searching for one of the last hoxcruxes, Harry finds help from unlikely sources, like the beloved Luna Lovegood, a house ghost, a forgetful boy, and a loving mother.
Harry, Ron, and Hermione risk everything to save their world, but will it be enough? Professors and students alike fight side by side, and watch their friends and family fall, and risk their own lives to protect Harry. Our favorite, most loved characters will die, for love, honor, determination, and a sense of natural human instincts. Members of the Order will fall, family members will be killed, other halves’ will go missing forever, and friends will be lost to the Battle of Hogwarts. Long lost love interests are revealed, and the meaning of love itself is redefined. A mother’s love started this all, but will it be enough to end it?

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