March 21, 2012
Moneyball is the true story of Okland A’s general manager Billy Beane and Peter Brand’s attempt to win the unfair game of major league baseball. In 2002, Billy Beane took a statistical approach to evaluating player performance in order to piece together a championship team from a measly payroll.

The movie is based up Beane and Brand’s effort to turn the Oakland A’s into a winning team. Throughout the movie, Beane and Brand struggle with the rejection of other teams, their own coaching staff, and even the game itself. The subplot of the movie is Beane’s own past playing with the Oakland A’s. A top prospect in highschool, Beane forfeited a scholarship to Stanford in order to attend major league baseball camp, followed by being drafted in the first round by the New York Mets. Beane’s career never took off, and was never able to become the player he was supposed to be.

After climbing the ladder from a scouting position for the Oakland A’s, Beane took over as the head general manager of the club. Never having a successful season, Beane encountered Peter Brand, a young player researcher for the Cleveland Indians. Brand, being rejected by every manager in the game, shares his formulas and ideas for piecing together a major league team without spending large amounts of money. Beane and Brand follow through with the plan, and tie the record for most consecutive wins in a season.

Moneyball was a fantastic movie, and appeals to all audiences, whether a fan of the game or not. People can relate to the struggles that Beane and Brand face throughout the film, and the inspiring true story of two unlikely victors has becom nationally recognized. Any movie fanatic will love the story of the Oakland A’s, and the movie that has been produced from it.

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