Cat Soup

March 21, 2012
By tim kirsch BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
tim kirsch BRONZE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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After watching the movie Cat Soup two times in a row, I still found myself struggling to form an explanation of what I had just seen. The best way to describe this 30 minute film produced by Tatsuo Sato is magically impossible to explain. While in the course of watching this movie I found myself constantly attempting to interpret the true meaning of the movie and coming up with no clear explanation, and that is the point of this movie. Tetsuo stated in an interview that there is no underlying message to the visually stunning film. That it is up to the viewers to form their

Summarizing this movie is a seemingly impossible task because there is no words can describe the sensational short film. One thing in particular that cannot be captured with words is the powerful images, bold colors, and the obscure nature of their world. Any attempt to explain the movie as a whole and portray a personal interpretation of the theme of the movie would only be intrusive.

Cat Soup, is not to be confused with a very friendly cartoon, some scenes, while not excessively graphic, are not for the faint of heart. The plot of movie cannot be fully explained without use of my own opinions, defeating the purpose of the movie. But it is about two highly evolved cats, brother and sister that travel through this dreamlike reality that is their lives. The movie is filled with short scenes that really provoke lots of thought, your mind is racing trying to keep up with fast paced and abstract scenes.

This movie was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I have never been a big fan of anime, but I would say that overall I really enjoyed the movie. I would give it two thumbs up. I highly recommend that you watch this movie, it is the only way to truly relate to what I am saying. Only watch this movie if you are willing to try to interpret it for yourself and not sit waiting for it all to be spelled out for you, because that won’t happen, there is nothing but loose ends to this story. It allows you to see the movie how you want to see it, which I thought was really cool.

There were some aspects of the movie that I did not like, I thought the could have taken out some of the more inappropriate or gruesome scenes, but that is what gives it character, and adds something different to it.

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