The Aviator

March 19, 2012
By greenyman GOLD, Warnerville, New York
greenyman GOLD, Warnerville, New York
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The Aviator was a great film. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Howard Hughes the Film Directing, producer of countless hits like Hells Angels and the outlaw. On top of that he built and flew his own airplanes. He was the aviator. It came out in 2004 and went pretty unnoticed. It lost best picture to Million dollar baby; in my option the aviator was much better than Million Dollar baby. The movie covered most of Howard Hughes life spanning from the early to 1900s to the mid-1900s.The movie progressed from when he was young boy to when he died; this made it possible to show the many different historic events that Howard Hughes was a part of. He was an innovator in the aviation field and also the film field.

The acting that Leonardo DiCaprio gave as Howard Hughes was amazing. He did an excellent job captivating how Howard Hughes slowly went crazy. DiCaprio showed how an excessive compulsive person like Howard Hughes has to deal with everyday life. On top of that DiCaprio shows how to deal with being a germaphobe. Howard Hughes had a hard life in the aspect of having these mental conditions. Many relationships were wrecked that he cared about with females that he didn’t have any control over. Cate Blanchett, played the supporting role of Katharine Hepburn. Katharine Hepburn was a 1900th century movie star that had an odd relationship with Howard Hughes. Cate Blanchett captivated the audience by actually making us believe that she really was Katharine Hepburn.

Martin Scorsese did a great job directing Leonardo and the rest of the crew. The different camera angles that he picked for each sense really made the movie come alive. If you enjoy great acting, great directing and a compelling true story then you must check this movie out.

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