The Incredibles

March 15, 2012
The Incredibles is an exciting and adventurous movie for all ages! Good thinking, lure in everyone with not only a superhero but a family of super heroes that are together to save the world! The father, Mr. Incredible (name say’s it all) is a huge man with enormous muscles! The mother, Elastigirl has arms and legs that stretch as far as she would like along with a bendy, flexible body. The daughter, Violet can do force shields and turn invisible when wanted. The older son Dash, runs faster than any known animal. The little son, Jack Jack is just a baby but can turn red, into metal, and have super strength. Side by side they battle the bad guys of their world.
The film is a great thrilling movie but with bad values. The dad (supposed to be a lead, someone to look up to) makes poor decisions. He goes and sneaks around behind the wives back, lying to his children also. MR. Incredible makes a bad idea in the watchers mind to betray the government. He destroys property and also critically injures his boss. This is not a good picture to put into young children’s minds!
The Incredibles also has a lesson. In many ways it is shown to be unique and for each person to be an individual. The father comes out of retirement to help save the world going against the worlds wants of no more supers. By each member being proud of their unique super power it shows to be your own person, not what everyone else wants you to be like. Violet comes out of her stage of uncertainty and awkward teen time by joining in with the family to make the world a better place. The family going against everyone else’s wishes of no more supers and betraying the government shows individuality. Each one contributes and together they are unstoppable!

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