The Lorax

March 13, 2012
By , Phoenix, AZ
The Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax is one of the best movies ever based on Dr. Seuss’ books. The director keeps you guessing what is going to happen to Ted (Zac Efron) as soon as he leaves the Once-ler (Ed Helms). You get so caught up in his story about the trees, you forget about Ted and you want him to go back to the Once-ler quickly. It is a great movie because it flashes us back to think that whatever is extinct now could come back to life by just one person.

Ted is just an ordinary boy that lives in Thneedville that wants to win the heart of a girl named Audrey (taylor Swift). She shows him a painting on the back of her house. It is a picture of a tree that once grew in the city long ago. She tells him that if a man brought her one of those trees she would marry him. He goes to look for a tree.His granny tells him where he can find the tree. She says the Once-ler knows where it is. So he goes to find the Once-ler and he tells a story about what happened to the trees. He cut them all down for his own greed. The Once-ler gave Ted a seed and tells him to plant it in the center of the city. He shows Audrey the seed and they grow it together.

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