Twilight Series

March 12, 2012
By PeterL. BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
PeterL. BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Just a terrible series. Disney's movie Up can tell an amazing love story in a couple of minutes while Twilight can't even tell a good love story in 4books/5 movies. So apparently this movie about Bella who has to decide between Edward and Jacob that takes place in the middle of nowhere. What happened to just staying faithful to one guy? This just teaches girls that they can just throw around men's hearts. Also what's with the sparkling vampire and shirtless werewolf? That just sounds like a girl having one of "those" kinds of dreams. There is a reason why they are in your head, so they will stay there.

Going onto the plot. The first movie starts with Edward preventing Bella into becoming a vampire and then in the end she becomes a vampire anyway. It would have save so much more time for everyone if she just became a vampire in the beginning. Also it just seems so obvious that she is going to pick Edward. The idea of modernizing vampires and werewolf was good, but terribly executed. The vampires sparkled which made them not scary and made the werewolves look like dogs. Not much action to add to this "dynamic" plot.

Moving on to the cast. The cast wasn't the best. I see high school kids and average people who could have a better job. We got some random girl, a really pale guy, and Taylor Lautner who should find another career then acting. Taylor Lautner isn't the only one with abs and willing to go shirtless, there are guys that have abs and can actually act. To all of you twilight fans I hope you know what your are doing.

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