Pearl Harbor

March 11, 2012
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This movie is one I will never forget. Even if the story line isn’t 100% true. Of course, what movie made in Hollywood ever is? Directed my Michael Bay, this film was brilliantly executed with actor(s) Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, and Josh Hartnett. A movie filled with action, romance, drama, and humor. This movie will capture anybodies attention no matter your preferred genre of movie may be. From the beginning Rafe McCawley ( Ben Affleck) and Danny Walker (Josh Hartnett) grew up knowing they’d one day pursue the dream of becoming an US Air Force Cadet, and most importantly, learn how to fly. Evelyn Johnson (Kate Beckinsale), a nurse in the air force meets Rafe through a routine physical and they two soon fall in love. Rafe soon after, “volunteered” according to Evelyn to go into combat in Europe. The two corresponded through letters, until Evelyn was visited by Rafe’s best friend Danny announcing Rafe’s in-combat death. Four long months roll by and Danny and Evelyn soon fall in love. Evelyn then becomes pregnant with Danny’s child. Rafe out of know where shows up alive and Evelyn explained everything to him leaving Danny no longer a friend, but a foe. All while this goes on, Pearl Habor is being used to plot and attack. Drama, drama, drama. This movie is fantastic!

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