Remember Me

March 8, 2012
By Christin Villalobos BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
Christin Villalobos BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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In the contemporary and romantic drama “Remember Me”, Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson) is a rebellious twenty year old in New York City who shares a strained relationship with his father ever since the tragedy of his brother, Michael’s, suicide. Tyler was in denial that there was anyone in the world that could understand his internal pain and grief until he met Ally Craig (Emilie De Ravin) through an unexpected twist of fate. With his dysfunctional family and school flooding his mind, he thought that love was the absolute last thing that would enter his life. But Ally’s positive and light perspective on things begins to inspire and bring him hope, which has him falling deeply in love. Through the relationship that starts to blossom between the two, Tyler begins to find meaning and value in his life for the first time in a while. Just as their relationship is at its best, hidden secrets are exposed and threaten their relationship’s existence. Remember Me is an exceptional story that I personally find to be one of the best of all time because of the characters, and the powerful message that this movie sends.

From the very beginning of the story I fell in love with the main characters, Tyler and Ally. Both, having lost a dear family member, find each other and help fill those empty spaces in their lives. Once the two find each other, they soon become a part of each other’s identities. They help define one another, which in my opinion is how relationships should be. Ally breaks through Tyler’s defensive wall and brings out who he truly is. I could tell that they made each other so happy and everything that they did together was worthwhile. With every challenge that came along in their lives, they would be there to find a solution. With Ally’s help, Tyler musters up the courage to finally confront his father about how he’s never truly been there for him or his family ever since Michael’s abrupt death. Tyler helped Ally with stepping out of her comfort zone. In the end, they both come to realize that life’s short so they might as well make the most of it by taking risks and huge leaps of faith.

The ultimate message that this movie sent to me was to live life fully and to treasure every day of our lives. In the story Ally’s mother was shot at a gunpoint right in front of her eyes and her own life was sparred. Tyler’s brother was only a few years younger that him and her ended his own life at such an early age. I came to realize that we should make the most of our lives, not wasting a second of it because death can constantly be lurking the streets, waiting to prey on it’s next victim at any given moment. Since I’ve seen this movie, I have taken the message to heart and have tried to give everything I do my all whether it be on the soccer field or doing an assignment for school. I have also encouraged others to dot he same and strongly hope that they follow though with it.

We all have choices to make. Ally could have chosen to live her life outside of that dreadful night when her mother was taken from this world. She chose to move forward and despite the horrid memories the subway brought her she chose to ride on them again. On the other hand, Tyler chose to live life in the memories of his brother. He chose to live in anger, frustration, and he chose to blame his father for the misfortunes in his life. The decisions a person makes are the keys to his or her futures and I have found this to be true in my own life. For instance, I decide who my friends are, the places I go, what I do, what I don’t do, and the causes that I fight for. This movie was above all else inspirational because Tyler actually ends up dying in the nine eleven tragedy but in reality life is what you choose it to be and decide to accept the decision that fate made for him.

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on Mar. 11 2012 at 7:25 am
beautifulspirit PLATINUM, Alpharetta, Georgia
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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
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Last year, when this movie came out I was not enthusiastic about seeing it in theaters. I was convinced that after Twilight's clichéd and mainstream acting, that Robert Pattinson would give an equally disappointing performance. But after reading your review, I think I will give this movie a chance. Why not? Seems to have a powerful message. Excellent review~


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