March 7, 2012
By Trent Hoffman BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
Trent Hoffman BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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There are some movies that you just can’t forget. But there are others that you can only wish you could forget. Drive, directed by Nicholas Refn, was the worst movie, that I have seen, I a very, long, time. The main character Ryan Gossling, works as a getaway driver, who plays a mysterious role. He doesn’t show much emotion, and frankly, doesn’t talk much. He tries to quit his old ways as a driver, but feels obligated to help his friend, when he is asked to be a getaway driver or him. Disasters are impossible to avoid, and a simple job is changed into a fight for survival. The plot was terrible, as the movie the entire time seemed to be going no where. The viewer felt no connection to the character, like they would in good movies, as they talked like cardboard. I’m not sure this movie even had all the elements of a decent movie. The entire time I watched this film, I was waiting for the action to pick up, and it wasn’t until the last thirty minutes of this two hour movie, that something finally happened. I beg you to save your money, and your time, and just spend two hours of your life doing something more productive than watching this terrible movie.

I couldn’t have made up a worse plot. The first half of the movie is just the main character, Ryan Gossling, driving around, and cleaning cars at the auto shop that he works at. THAT’S IT. Waiting for the plot to develop, and pick up, was a tedious of a task as watching paint dry. Besides the slow developing plot, the action was minor, and extremely gory, which personally, does not appeal to me. When I say gory, I’m talking about, heads being bashed in, heads being blown off; and all in full detail. The gore, was the action, and ironically, despite the title Drive, there isn’t much driving involved in this movie. The biggest disappointment for me, was the acting job by Ryan Gossling. After doing an outstanding job, in the movie, The Ides of March, I would have thought that he could have done a much better job acting than what he showed in this film. Overall, a two star rating would be generous, for such a poorly done movie.

The character development in Drive, was poorly designed. A good movie is judged on many aspects, but a main one is the character development. Were you scared when the character was scared, or happy when they were happy. When watching this movie, I felt nothing for the characters, mostly because the plot didn’t allow them to express themselves and give you a good feeling of who they were trying to be. I recall watching this one scene, where the main character was running away, and I was laughing, because of how terribly acted and directed the part was. This movie, was so disappointing, and with so many better movies out, there is no need to waste your time watching this one.

A last reason for why I did not enjoy watching this film, is because of the lack of action. For a movie with a title that implies action, there sure was a lack of it. There was a point in the movie where two characters stared at each other for about two minutes. There was absolutely no need for that. A couple seconds could have brought out the same point they were trying to make, in much less time. The blunder in this movie can easily be seen, through the amount of money that it made; a mere $4 million. For all the hype that was put around this movie, it sure was a bust. Worst fifteen dollars that I ever spent.

In the end, I was very disappointed in the film Drive, directed by Nicholas Refn. This was most definitely a blunder for a movie, and I hope that I can save you a couple dollars, by preventing you from ever seeing it. They say live everyday like it’s your last, and take my word for it, you would not want to spend your last day watching this.

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