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March 4, 2012
By , San Gabriel, CA
Let’s look at the life of a super villain, not your usual super hero. Illumination Entertainment’s Steve Carell movie, Despicable Me, is one of the best PG rated movies. This life-long villain, Gru, starts the day just like a bunch of other adults: with coffee. When he makes his daily rounds, he hears the news of a newer and more villainous villain: Vector. He creates a mind-blowing plan that will make him the talk of the town: He is going to steal… pause, for effect... the moon! He gets the help of 3 young orphan girl sisters, Margo, Edith, and Agnes, who’ve turned Gru into something he thought he’d never be: loving and caring. He starts to see them as good daughters, but is forced to choose between them and his career. He hastily chose his career, but was it the right chose? This comedy-filled film is one of my favorites, with the cute yellow minions, and Vector, Gru’s arch-nemesis.
When you hear Despicable Me, what do you think of? Obviously, most people would remember the tiny yellow creatures that advertise the movie. These creatures are the minions of the main character, Gru. These henchmen are outstanding: fun loving, sincere, and productive. After Edith accidentally disintegrated her unicorn plush, Agnes breaks down in a tantrum. Gru couldn’t stand her crying so he sends Phil, Mark, and Tim (his minions whom he covered as his cousins even though they don’t look anything like him) off to find a new toy for the little girl. As they are off to the store, in disguised as a family of 3, they set off to find the perfect toy. The “baby” heads to the soda and shakes it. When it fizzes, the only thing it could think to do was hide it in his mouth. It puffed up like a balloon and flew around as the air went out. The “dad” settled in a lounge chair and vibrated. The “mom” found a microphone in the electronics section. It started singing and the other minions sang along. At night, when Agnes had trouble sleeping, the 3 minions came in and whispered, “Para tu,” which means “for you” in Spanish. They handed her a toy unicorn (which is actually a toilet brush that’s been dressed up like a unicorn). I thought that was very sweet of them to do that. Agnes must have thought so too because she said, “It’s beautiful,” and followed that with a kiss. The minion that got kissed blushed, told her good night, and left. This scene was very heart-warming. These henchmen were able to accomplish their job while having fun and also a sweet kiss.
Along with heart-warming scenes, this movie is full of laughs that everyone can enjoy. There are many funny scenes that will have you literally “rolling on the floor laughing”. One part of the movie would be the part where they were at the carnival. After the roller coaster, Agnes shouted her infamous quote, ”AHH! It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” when she had found a huge white stuffed unicorn. The girls beg for a chance to play, but don’t win when Agnes obviously hits the little spaceship. The vendor doesn’t accept this. Neither did Gru. Gru didn’t want to play the game, but he couldn’t stand watching Agnes make her puppy face. He puffed out his chest and brought out his ginormous ray gun, which he uses to knock over the little spaceship that zoomed around. He ended up destroying the booth, but received the unicorn, no less. As the girls gaped admirably, Agnes snapped out of it. The next thing she said was one of my favorite quotes in the movie. She shouted, “Let’s go destroy another game!” Gru starts to smile. The funny thing, is that Agnes, an innocent little girl, gets exposed to her foster dad’s violence and takes it in. But instead of being scared, she’s embracing it like it’s a good thing. She’s going to make the best of it and get her more stuffed animals!
I haven’t mentioned the villain to our villain yet, introducing, Vector. He’s an average looking man with square glasses. It’s said that he was supposed to look somewhat like Bill Gates. It’s quite true, actually. Vector is Gru’s arch enemy, since the day he stole the pyramid and made Gru look lame. Gru may not like him much, but he is one of my favorites. He has funny dialogues and gadgets that are quite unusual. In the movie, Vector stole the shrink ray from Gru who stole it from a top-secret agency in South Asia. He brings it back to his house and “plays” with it. There’s a scene where he’s in his bathroom and starts shrinking almost everything. He screams, “You got shrunk tiny mouthwash!” after he shrinks the mouthwash. He then shrinks the toilet and goes babbly,” Oh look at you, a tiny little toilet for a tiny little baby to-.” The toilet then opens the lid and water squirts out into Vector’s face. “AH! Curse you tiny toilet!” Of course, he should have saw it coming. It was a nice touch to end the scene where Vector plays with the shrink ray. He plays an important role, since he has to compete with Gru. If there were no competition, Gru would have been rich with all the glory. No competition would mean that the moon wouldn’t have been stolen and that the girls wouldn’t have met Gru, their fantasied dad. Vector is also the funny one, since Gru isn’t that hilarious at all.
All in all, this family movie is one to see. You should see all the other laughable parts about this movie with the likable minions and Vector. After watching this movie, I’ve quoted this movie so many times. Over and over again I’ve watched this movie. Over and over again I’ve laughed. This is one movie that you should not skip out on!

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