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February 22, 2012
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I was lucky enough to enjoy this movie with my mother, my grandma, my aunt and my cousin. These four people have acted almost like my fan base, they give me their opinion on this movie and so far they have been very positive remarks.

The movie starts out with, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) getting married in a beautiful white wedding scene. Both of them are ready to spend the rest of their lives together. Edward brings Bella to a romantic island for their honeymoon. Days later, Bella is shocked with the news that she is pregnant. This, and more occurs in the new addition to the twilight movie series, Breaking Dawn part one. The idea of splitting the book into two movies, the soundtrack, the acting, and the comparison between the book and the movie are what made Breaking Dawn over the top.

First off, the great idea of splitting the seven hundred-page book, Breaking Dawn into two movies has now finally taken effect. Many twilight saga fans such as my family, have agreed that one movie would have felt rushed for a book that has so many key components and exciting parts, and these parts should not be missed. Creating two movies has allowed the directors and producers to do their best work on this movie. The end of the movie definitely left you wanting more. It ended very dramatically and made you feel excited for part two. Now there is a lot of hustle and bustle over the second movie. My aunt specifically questioned, Will the second movie be as good as the first. Judging on Part One it should be great. The second movie will be shown on November 16th, 2012. I'm sure many twilighters are excited to find out more on the life of Renesme, Bella and Edwards brand new baby girl and how Bella and her family will cope with her being a newborn vampire.

As well as the movie, the sound track was great too. “Their mixes of songs reflect the darkly romantic tone of the films.” This was said by Shannon Vestal of buzz sugar a movie review website. The sound track intensely enhanced the mood and made parts even better. For example the song “It will Rain” by Bruno Mars was played during Bella and Edwards wedding. The incredible song made the wedding feel very romantic and earthy. The sound track includes fifteen songs by artists such as Christina Perri, Mia Maestra and an amazing bonus by a new band, The Belle Brigade. As you listen to the songs you can picture the movie and the mood it creates with the atmosphere of the scene.

Whether or not you saw the movie, or just the preview it is easy to realize that, in Breaking Dawn Part One the acting was very well done and all characters were casted very well. Robert Pattinson, who played Edwards Cullen, did amazingly in this movie. My mom and I agreed that he looks more comfortable on camera compared to the first movie, Twilight. His acting easily showed his love for his new bride, Bella. Also, you can feel the emotions he was feeling throughout the entire movie. Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan, did an amazing job with her acting, as well unlike her acting in the previous Twilight saga movies. Another thing you can see is how much the new baby means to her. In addition, it was very apparent that Jacob and her would always be great friends. Taylor launter, who plays Jacob Black also did fantastic work and fit Jacob’s description that author, Stephanie Meyer explained in her books, and you can see with ease that he is envious of Edward and Bella’s relationship. All in all, the entire cast did a great job in making this movie one of the best over all.

Usually, you come home from the movie theater saying the book was better than the movie, but in this case they were both great. Although, the movie and book were both amazing some comparisons were made as you watched. The wedding scene was defiantly better in the movie. You could see the set up, the trees, the flowers spread about the alter, and of course Bella’s beautiful white dress. In the book, it was described with much detail, but everyone pictures things differently. The movie allowed everyone to have the same picture in their minds, also you could see the guests of the weddings reaction as Bella gracefully walked down the aisle to Edward to say, “I do” Another comparison between the book and the movie was Alice, one of the Cullen sisters. In the book it is harder to picture her, in the movie you are able to see her preppy like attitude and her high pitched, spunky voice. Another thought is, in the book you can read what Bella is thinking. This helps a lot during certain scenes. For example, in Breaking Dawn you read how excited she is for the baby to arrive, but also you hear the fear in her thoughts as she listens to Carlisle speak to her about the pregnancy. In the movie, you still get somewhat the same effect because you can see the expression on the actor’s faces, but Bella’s expression could be different from her thought, that’s the only major difference between the movie and the book. To sum it up, both the movie and the book Breaking Dawn were exceptional, and it was hard to say that one was better than the other.

My family and I agree that Breaking Dawn Part One was a great movie and book. The soundtrack defiantly enhanced the mood of the movie and included very talented artists. The idea of splitting the movie into two parts has changed the experience for all twilight fans and the first movie left the audience excited for Breaking Dawn part two. The talented actors blew us away and made this movie even better than the last. Also, the book and movie were alike, which helped the readers appreciate the fact that the movie was just as good as the book. Over all, the producers, directors, and author Stephanie Meyer, did a fantastic job on exceeding the expectations of the fans and making them overly excited for Breaking Dawn Part Two.

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