February 10, 2012
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3.5 out of 5

Chronicle is without a doubt entertaining and I knew it was going to be because all of these found-footage movies always seem to be really watchable for me. The first half of the movie is pure fun. What if you could had the force and you could also use it to fly? Right away most people would think of doing exactly what the main characters do in this movie. I don't want to spoil anything, but I will tell you right now: everything you would imagine doing does happen in this. Even though we all knew something bad would come out of it, the entire audience I was with was laughing out loud at all of the cleaver pranks that these teenagers pulled. It was quite a blast to watch!

After a while the movie gets darker, emotional, and out of control. One of the three guys, Andrew goes batshit. We as the audience don't know if we should be mad at everyone picking on Andrew or mad at Andrew. The dude has a reason to be upset. He has an abusive step-father, a sick mother, and everyone at school picks on him. But in my opinion he didn't need to start killing everyone he saw because he was mad. I guess it was all due to fate or something like that, although I really don't think this movie had any kind of depth like that going for it.

I actually really did like this movie and despite the ending not being unpredictable enough in a movie with a running time of just an hour and 23 minutes, I will still say that I overall did both appreciate and enjoy the movie enough to be able to highly recommend it.

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