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February 10, 2012
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I’ve recently seen a great movie called “The Smurfs”. Smurfs is a must see movie for children. The Smurfs are happy blue little singing people that live in a perfect village until a big problem occurs. The Smurfs were being chased by Gargamel, the evil wizard and then some of those Smurfs get sucked into a portal. The portal leads to New York City and they try their best to stay alive and away from Gargamel. Eventually, the Smurfs end up in a couple’s apartment whose names are Patrick and Grace. Patrick and mostly Grace, gladly accept the Smurfs into their home. This movie’s a great film for children because of the characters and the theme of the movie.

The Smurfs are small and adorable blue people. Before they went into the portal, they were always happy and singing. They are all named after their personalities. The 6 main Smurfs in the film are Gutsy, Clumsy, Brainy, Grouchy, Papa Smurf and Smurfette. All 99 Smurfs are boys except for Smurfette. She was made by Gargamel to trap the Smurfs but Papa Smurf put a spell on her so that she could be on their side. Smurfs are always wearing white and they never change their clothes. Patrick and Grace are really nice and sweet in every situation.

One of the messages is said by Grace when she’s speaking to Clumsy. Clumsy asks her how she stopped being clumsy. Her response was “No one is just one thing. You can be anything you want to.” This means that one person can’t be only clumsy. They can be many different characteristics. She’s telling Clumsy that he doesn’t have to be clumsy, he can be anything he wants to be. But when I heard this quote alone, I thought of careers. You can have all different types of jobs from a cashier to a doctor, but it’s your choice of what you become. It can have different meanings.

The Smurfs is good for children because it shows problems that the go through, shows problems that they go through, how to get out of them and good strategies of problem solving. This shows kids how to get out of “sticky situations”. It also shows determination. The Smurfs are extremely determined to get out of New York City and back to their village.

For me, the worst part about The Smurfs is the language. They don’t curse, but they do use the word “smurf” instead of saying the actual curse word. For instance, when Grouchy says, “Where the Smurf are we?”
The Smurfs overall was a great movie to pick back up from the television show many years ago that was loved very much. They left in the 90’s because the American market wasn’t good, so they went back to Belgium, where they first came from. Now, they heave returned to raise money. The characters are always really cute and nice. It gets a really good message through that the Smurfs and viewers learn in the film. This film also showed problem solving and determination. It’s a movie that your child will definitely love.

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