January 30, 2012
By ChevyPillow PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
ChevyPillow PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
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If you thought that Hugo looked like nothing that you already haven't seen judging by the previews you are not alone. You will also be in for quite a surprise. It has a small boy as the main character, it has clocks, it has trains, it has snow, and it's in 3D. All things that usually make me avoid such films, but there's one thing about this movie that made all of those clocks and snow work in the film and that is the inspirational geniusness of Martin Scorsese.

This movie isn't just about some kid living in a train station, this is about Hugo living in a train station and beats the odds thanks to the great invention of mechanics and motion pictures. Yes, probably my favorite part of the movie was when they went through the montage of some of the first films ever made. I wasn't really expecting this.

Also for the second time ever the 3D paid off! The first time it ever paid off was in James Cameron's Avatar. The 3D in that was absolutely amazing but in every other 3D movie it makes the movie worse. I'm so glad that Scoresese made good use of it, and he didn't just mindlessly add it in for more money. If you do that your movie will end up like something with the words 'phantom' and 'menace' in the title...or something...

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