January 23, 2012
By MCsquared BRONZE, Miami, Florida
MCsquared BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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The Warrior is a drama about two brothers who are both fighting for different things. One brother is fighting for family, while the other is fighting for a chance at redemption in the eyes of his fallen comrades. The brothers also have a troubled past and one holds the other accountable for his misfortunes.

In general, the movie was amazing. The acting was great and it was an amazing story. The portrayal of the two brothers by actors Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton was also wonderful. The movie is violent due to the film being about two fighters. Despite the fighting, there are also some more sentimental scenes. The film was meant for people who like dramatic stories, but need action and excitement to captivate their attention. Being one of those guys, I loved the film and have seen it about four times. The story captivated me from start to finish and had no boring aspects to the story line at all. I am not the only one who has this opinion; the movie had a 93% rating out of one hundred on Rotten Tomatoes!

I believe if you decide to see this movie, your attitude and take on life will change significantly. For example, after I saw the movie I realized how much my annoying little booger of a brother is to me and how my life would not be complete without him. In my life not a lot of things have made me cry; the loss of my grandfather, onions, and Marley and Me are some of the few. However, somehow this movie shot me in the heart and all of my emotions came out. This move is just truly touching.

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