Happy Feet Two (2 out of 5)

January 30, 2012
By ChevyPillow PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
ChevyPillow PLATINUM, Fairfield, Connecticut
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A PG rated animated 3D movie about penguins is usually something I would try to avoid...AND it's an awkward musical...just what we need!!

There is absolutely nothing in this movie that is at all different or unique from anything else. There is a bunch of one-dimensional characters living in a three-dimensional world. And in their world, there is some problem that these boring characters are facing that we don't give two damns about. In the first Happy Feet movie we had a little penguin that was different from everybody else and he found put he had a talent and so on. But in this we get that same penguin as an adult and his wife and kid are just normal penguins. It felt kind of like the producers just added in this cheap threat of a plot and added in more famous stars and put it in 3D so they could start counting the money. It's like "Oh okay this is Happy Feet When he's older and this is just some typical penguin problem. Okay, now it's solved and it's over. Okay great, nothing happened." And the movie is very very quick and fast paced. This movie is so fast that I had trouble keeping up with it. It's like it ran right by me, if you will.

Also, the script isn't good. Actually there is hardly a script at all. The only lines of dialogue in the movie are things like "you can do it, believe in yourself" or some crap. All the movie relies on is 3D and IMAX tricks to win the audience over, along with an all-star cast like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Robin Williams.

Now was the 3D good? Actually yeah it was. Surprisingly the 3D in this was really really fun! Maybe it was because I saw it in IMAX too. So if you're just going to see it in 3D and not IMAX, I probably would not recommend doing that. If you're taking your kids to the movies and you're at an IMAX theater and Happy Feet Two is the only kids movie playing and you have the option to see it in IMAX or not, see it in IMAX. The kids will have a blast! But what are the chances of all of that? I didn't like the movie, but a lot of these 3D and IMAX tricks really save it.

But that is not what films are about. What about when this comes out on DVD. What if you just have a regular TV and you watch this movie on it? Not too special then.

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