The Devil Inside

January 20, 2012
By Jadeline BRONZE, Hayward, California
Jadeline BRONZE, Hayward, California
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Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism of Emily Rose, Insidious, you name it I’ve seen them all But once I heard about this movie called The Devil Inside and saw the trailers it looked really interesting one I saw that it was a documentary, two it was based on a “real” murder case on October 30,1989. Things like this are what catch my attention so why not get the attention of other people right? Once these awesome things were injected into my brain I thought to myself this movies going to be the best well I was wrong.

Lets not get too ahead of ourselves now you’ll find out why this movie was horrible in a bit but for now let me give you some background information on this so called documentary. On a cold autumn night of October 30,1989 A women named Martha Rossi committed 3 murders while having a exorsisum done on her she killed two priest and a nun. She was sent to Venice, Rome to a mental hospital.
10 years later her daughter Isabella Rossi travels to Rome with a film crew to figure out what had happened to her mother that night and if she is really possessed by a demon. While in Rome she comes in contact with two priest who do private exorcisms because the Roman Catholic Church does not allow it. Isabella takes into consideration that her mother may be possessed. The two priests tell her that in order to understand and determine if her mother is possessed she mist witness a real exorcisum. Once she does to her amazement there real the priests preform on a young women. The signs that she was possessed were her pupils were very dilated her muscles became flexible she seemed to experience no type of pain what so ever.
Isabella frightened that her mother might be endangered send a letter to the Roman Catholic Church requesting to preform an exorcism on her mother. Sadly they deny her and she asks the two priests to help her.
They arrive at the mental hospital just telling the doctor that there going to preform a few tests on her and bless her. They start preforming the exorcism and nothing happens they start discussing that maybe her mom is really insane. They spoke too soon lights start flashing objects start moving and Martha starts speaking in many different languages the father starts praying and yelling to the demon telling him to reveal himself turns out Martha is possessed by 6 different demons. They get interrupted when the doctor runs in and they leave but they didn’t leave alone.
One of the priests end up with a demon inside him it was some how transferred into him. Days go by and he starts acting strange. One night they hear strange noises and go up into his room. Everything is thrown all the pages in the bible are stuck on the walls and he has a gun in his hand. Trying to convince him to be strong telling him that he can overcome this he takes the gun puts it in his mouth and shoots himself.
They rush to the hospital and Isabella begins to act strange turns out the demon went inside her. She starts attacking everyone in the hospital and kills a few nurses. The priest and cameraman quickly get her into the car trying to get back to the house so they can preform the exocism. But there too late she starts attacking the priest and the cameraman. The Cameraman drives off the side of the road. The car is totaled everyone in the car died and the image slowly fades.
How horrible was that? I don’t know but to me that movie was not worth watching it wasn’t even scary it was a waste of my time and I’m pretty sure other peoples as well so take my advice if your planning on seeing that movie think about it twice. “Do I really want to waste my time watching a movie I just read about”?

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