The Iron Triangle

January 18, 2012
By Anonymous

“The Iron Triangle,” a 1989 movie starring Beau Bridges, and Liem Whatley, is about two Vietnam War soldiers: one an American and one a Viet Cong. The two of them fight each other when they meet, and the American, a man named Keene, has a chance to kill the Vietnamese, but he doesn’t. He lowers his weapon instead, and because of this, he ends up getting captured. After being beaten, starved, and deprived of sleep, he was taken by Ho, the Viet Cong guy, who hides him. They were followed by the other Viet Cong and North Vietnamese who were hoping to kill the American. Ho ends up letting Keene go. Keene, convalesces, and in a few months he is sent back out to fight again.

The acting in the movie was very superb. I would say that it was a good movie that you can get into . The man who played Ho was a very, very good choice. For instance, when I saw him in his first scene, I actually thought I was watching a video clip from the war. I usually can’t watch movies about war because of their brutality, but this movie I could. There was plenty of violence in it but at the same time, it wasn’t gruesome. I think Beau Bridges could have acted better. His facial expression seemed the same all the way through the movie; I felt he lacked soul in his portrayal.

Overall , I would give this movie 4 stars out of 5. It would have been a five if not for Bridges’ acting. I would recommend this movie for a 12th grade history class (there is some nudity). I think it also could teach them how an enemy, behind the barrel of the gun, is another man who could be just like you. The story kind of kept jumping back and forth to where it might confuse some people, but overall , I really enjoyed watching this movie.

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