Cast Away

January 13, 2012
By , Roslyn Heights, NY
Cast Away directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks focuses on Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) who is both literally and figuratively cast away from his love, Kelly (Helen Hut). Chuck is a Fedex efficiency expert and had to oversee a delivery to Malaysia when his plane crashes into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Chuck is the only survivor of the plane crash and is forced to live on a stranded island by himself for around three years.

Chuck faces the fear of dying and never seeing Kelly again. Chuck gives Kelly an engagement ring just before he steps onto the plane, and Kelly gives him a pocket watch. The plane unfortunately crashes into the ocean, and Chuck is the only survivor. Chuck is washed ashore with Fedex packages, a deflated raft, and his pocket watch. When Chuck arrives on the island he searches through the Fedex packages that are left on the shore.

In one of the packages Chuck finds a volleyball and smears blood all over the ball because he is so frustrated while trying to make a fire, and names it Wilson. Wilson is his only "friend" that he had on the island. Wilson meant a lot to Chuck as it kept his humanity intact. Wilson gave Chuck someone to talk to, and gave him hope to continue to push himself.

One of the more striking scenes focuses on Chuck has a tooth infection that he had for a while. He knows that if he doesn't remove his tooth, he will die from a slow infection that would be extremely painful. So, Chuck decides to remove his tooth by hitting it with a rock. This was an extremely painful process, but it saves his life. Chuck was willing to risk immediate death rather than die from a slow and painful process.

This movie has terrific special effects especially when the plane comes crashing down. These scenes make you feel like you are experiencing these tragedies.The sound effects are phenomenal, especially the sounds of lightning and the waves of the ocean. Tom Hanks played an outstanding role, as did Helen Hunt. The scenes that show a typical day on the island are quite redundant as it is a bit too repetitive.

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