Cast Away

January 11, 2012
By aschxo SILVER, Roslyn Heights, New York
aschxo SILVER, Roslyn Heights, New York
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Cast Away is a film that will not be "cast away" from the movie industry soon. Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt is about a FedEx efficiency expert named Chuck Noland (Hanks) who becomes cast away figuratively and literally. Being a FedEx efficiency expert in his thirties, Chuck is constantly traveling the world, leaving his girlfriend, Kelly, home. Kelly, who was previously married, is afraid of committing to Chuck. Figuratively, Kelly is casting away Chuck because of her fear of bad commitment. As Chuck runs to board his airplane, he gives Kelly an engagement ring and says, "think about it", demonstrating how their relationship is not as strong as it should be. Chuck also gives her an insignificant gift for Christmas showing how he is not as committed as he should be.

When Chuck is on the airplane, something goes terribly wrong. As the plane starts to fall apart, he watches one of his co-workers bleeding to death. In just a few minutes Chuck watches the plane horrifyingly approach the water and crash. Water fills the airplane and Chuck luckily escapes. The next morning he arrives at a deserted island. He has no shelter besides emergency raft, no food besides fish and coconuts, and no clothes. Over the course of a year, Chuck struggles to survive. As the movie progresses, Chuck's anticipation for leaving the island makes you want to jump into the movie and help him. The movie causes audiences to feel emotional feelings for the character. The strength that Chuck has throughout his survival is amazing and inspires audiences to never give up.

There is an emotional build-up for the character through out the movie and you want him to be able to survive. The one thing that keeps Chuck going throughout the movie is his girlfriend. When Chuck left Kelly to go on the airplane, he brought a picture of her in Kelly's grandfather's pocket-watch. When he arrived on the island, he realizes that the watch doesn't work. The only possession that keeps him going is the picture of Kelly. His desire for her grows, causing him to try to find a way to get off the island. Chuck also acquired a volleyball from a package that washed up on shore. He later names the volleyball Wilson and pretends that he is a real person, creating dialogue for him. This is the only way that Chuck can contain his society. The situations between Chuck and Wilson also lead to some comedic relief, even though this is nowhere near a comedy.

"Cast Away" is not for everyone. This movie should be for a mature audience, because of some graphic scenes and scary situations. People who are looking for a solid drama with little dialogue and a lot of inspiration, "Cast Away" is a top choice.

4/5 Stars

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