Puss in Boots

January 6, 2012
By TalkingFish GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Puss in Boots" is a delightful tale of adventure and mischief. It is an insightful view on the beloved character Puss in Boots. This version of the tale is derived from the "Shrek" installments, and goes back into Puss's childhood to explain how he became such a well known outlaw. Along the way he meets Kitty Softpaws, a declawed thief skilled in robbing people without then noticing, and Humpty Dumpty, a childhood friend with whom there was a score to settle. On a tumultuous journey to find the fabled magic beans, they encounter many twists and turns to purr for.

The producers of this movie did an impressive job, that of which exceeded expectations. The development of the characters soared, leaving the viewer with real emotion towards them. Flashbacks are used frequently, as when Puss explains to Kitty Softpaws as to why he does not trust Humpty Dumpty, to engulf and intrigue those watching, and throw them into the magical realm in which the movie takes place. At first, it appears to be a confusing, loosely woven story, until the story persists and the pieces fall together neatly. The audience soon understands what is happening, and is not assaulted with an overwhelming amount of detail, or lack thereof. This movie is rather amusing, ranging from kid-oriented jokes to more adult ones that fly over their heads.

For humorous family entertainment, watch "Puss in Boots", and prepare to be amused.

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