Season of the Witch

January 6, 2012
This movie starts out with three women who were accused of using witchcraft. They are on a bridge with a priest who gives them a chance to come clean to save their souls. The first two came clean but the last lady said, “ You’re going to go straight to Hell”. After getting hanged then drowned the last lady still survived and killed the priest.

Then the movie skips to the crusades and pretty soon there are two men that have to deliver a witch to these monks because everybody thinks she’s the one that is the cause of the black plague.

This movie never made you want to get up and leave. It has both suspense and a little bit of humor. Some movies you can guess what will happen and sometimes that does happen, but that never really occurs during “Season of the Witch”. It will always leave you clueless. This movie has a few famous actors and some that aren’t but they all still do a very good job.

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