The Rise of the Plantes of the Apes

January 6, 2012
By angelica enriquez BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
angelica enriquez BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Rise of the Planet of the Apes is an amazing movie about apes demonstrating their feelings. There is Apes and humans included, not all of it is an animated movie. Movies like these are not seen often because the apes are acting like humans. It has a lot of action and it keeps my attention. James Franco is the main character who has the role of Will Rodman, in which he is a scientist and romantic. Freida Pinto is the women that fell in love with Will and is with him all the time. She helps to rescue Caesar during the attack.

Will Rodman is trying to find a cure for Alzheimer. Scientists catch a chimpanzee and kill it when it became crazy after all the chemicals they put in it. At age three, an ape named Caesar, became smart with Geo-sys and got stronger as Will found love. Caesar protects and cares for what he has. Will took Caesar to the science lab and Caesar became mad, so he sprayed the chemicals the scientists had made named Geo-sys. Caesar sprayed the Geo-sys on the rest of the apes and they all became smart.

Everything started on a bridge; the apes started to attack the police and the scientists. Caesar did not want to hurt anyone; he just wanted to show that they also have feelings and that scientists should not be testing on them. Scientists should not treat them bad. After the scientist that had to die, died; Caesar and the rest of the apes went to a forest and Caesar told Will, “Caesar is home.”

The best part of the movie is the end when all the apes go to the forest and they are all together. It is surprising how a chemical can make an ape smart and make them speak. They might not speak all the words we do, but one simple word means everything coming from an animal.

I would recommend Rise of the Planet of the Apes to everyone. It is a good movie for anyone to watch. It is a movie with a lot of action and it will keep you entertained trough the whole film. There has been many movies made with this name, but this one is the best. The work the director Rupert Wyatt did with the apes and the humans is great.

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