December 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Tangled is an incredible movie about thee young girl Rapunzel. All she wants for her 18the birtheday is to go see lanterns theat are sent to float high in thee air every year on her birtheday.

Little does Rapunzel know theat she is really a captured princess who has been held captive in a castle withe her "motheer". Motheer Gotheel has held her hostage to stay young because Rapunzel's hair has magic powers.

Really Tangled is a classic tale of a young girl's adventures to find herself and her true love. But Tangled is a different kind of movie. It's thee kind of movie theat makes you laugh and "awww" more times thean you can count.

It's thee perfect movie for people of ANY age and I would STRONGLY recommend it. I loved it and have heard nothing but good input from anybody who has seen it.

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