Tommy Boy

December 15, 2011
By Cody Van Dee BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
Cody Van Dee BRONZE, Marengo, Iowa
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“God, you're gonna remember this the rest of your life. Can't believe you've never been cow tipping before.” This is one of many great quotes in the movie Tommy Boy.Tommy Boy is a comedy genre movie. This movie will give you plenty of good laughs, but it is serious at times also.

Tommy Boy is a movie about a man named Thomas R. "Tommy" Callahan III. His best friend is Richard Hayden. They’ve been best friends since they were kids, and Richard is jealous that Tommy gets rewarded for being lazy. He has a step brother named Paul. His dadBig Tom marries Beverly.

There are many reasons why this movie should only be viewable for a certain age of people. A reason is when Tommy’s brother, Paul, he pees on an electrical transformer. That makes kids think that they can do that because they saw it on a movie.

Another reason is when Tommy is visiting his dad in there factory, Tommy, his dad, and some co-workers are taking a tour of it and Tommy starts pressing buttons on machines. The machines start up and things start moving. Tommy tries to be a ninja and get them to stop, but that does not work out for him very well. So if kids see this they might think it’s all right to push random buttons on things when it is not okay to.

An additional reason is when Tommy and Richard are at the gas station and Tommy is putting gas in Richard’s car. Tommy is not parked close enough to the pump. Tommy backs the car up with his door open and it hits a pole and the door goes the opposite way it should. When Richard goes to open the door it falls off. Tommy acts like he didn’t do anything. This part of the movie could show kids to lie about things they really did.

Certain aspects in is this movie are not the greatest either. That’s another reason why this movie shouldn’t be watched by younger aged kids. It shows some sexual stuff and also drugs and alcohol.

There is a scene in the movie where Tommy is at a college party chugging a bottle of beer along with some other guys. It also shows a guy taking a hit out of a bong. Tommy passes out and he falls on a table and it breaks.

The reasons why this movie should be suitable for a certain age group is the behaviorand language.

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