The Expendables

December 1, 2011
By cfbigmac1 BRONZE, Welch, Minnesota
cfbigmac1 BRONZE, Welch, Minnesota
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It’s a dark night on a big freight ship and some Somoli pirates are holding the workers hostage. Then, a crew of men in black clothes with guns show up. They try to bargain with the Pirates, but it doesn’t work out, so they had to use lethal force. This is the opening scene of The Expendables, my favorite movie. You will now learn about it’s genre, it’s plot, and the actors in it.
The genre I made up is a “violent action-thriller”. In the beginning, all three parts of the genre are shown. Even the mood of the opening says that it is a violent action-thriller. The action comes from the constant explosions, car chases, and gun fights, which go on throughout the entire movie. The violence is mainly from the guns and occasional hand-to-hand combat. Finally the thrills are from the moments when the protagonists are in near-death situations. Once all parts are combine, you need a plot.
The movie is mainly about a group of ex-soldiers that form an elite “hit-man” group. They are hired by different areas of government to assassinate certain people around the world that may harm the country in some way. In the movie, they are sent to kill a tyrant in Mexico named General Garza. General Garza is the dictator of the Mexican town. He is a very bad leader, he kills someone if he doesn’t get his way. That is mainly because he’s been corrupted by an American guy who wants money. Once all of this is written up, they need to hire good actors.
First, we have Sylvester Stallone. He plays the main protagonist: Barney. He is the best all around fighter, and the leader of the group. He doesn’t boss them around, he gives them instructions. Than, we have Jet Li, who plays the smallest of the mercenaries, Yin Yang. He is the martial arts expert of the group. He is always asking for a pay raise for his family, even though he doesn’t have one. Finally, we have Stone cold Steve Austin. He plays the head thug of Garza’s militia. He is a very strong hand-to-hand fighter, and could beat almost anyone (except Barney). He is then killed in a huge fireball, being burnt alive. Once all of these things are put together, the ingredients are right for a good movie.
The Expendables might not be the best family movie, but if I was hanging out with some friends, I’d watch it. When I am sitting at home, bored out of my mind, I would get this movie. You could rent it, or buy it. Have a good time watching this movie, and don’t forget the popcorn.

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